Welcome to Ladybridge High School

Ladybridge is a Good school with Outstanding Leadership and Management.

Ofsted January 2013

Attendance since the start of term 98%

Warmest congratulations to all our students on their GCSE results.  This year we are particularly proud of our significant number of A and A* grades

 In January, I will be moving to the World College in Swaziland to study the International Baccalaureate.           Ladybridge has helped to shape my future in so many positive ways and to put me onto the road to my future.


I am so excited to be heading off to the University of Dundee to study Medicine.  It’s a dream come true and I  would just like to thank all the wonderful staff at Ladybridge for helping me to get to this point and for their  brilliant support over the past seven years.

     Jasmine Moore, former student 





Whole school attendance 2013/2014 96.7%



Headteacher's Welcome

Dear Friends of Ladybridge,

As has been the case for a number of years now, Ladybridge High School is oversubscribed.  We see this as a clear recognition of the strong reputation that the school has in the local community and beyond. Our aim is to ensure that all students are well educated, well rounded, confident, secure, respectful and of smart appearance. In short, we expect them to be the best they can be.

Our mantra here at Ladybridge High School is that ‘if it isn’t good enough for our own children, then it isn’t good enough for Ladybridge children either.’ Without exception, our expectations are high in terms of achievement, conduct, appearance and manners and we do expect each and every student to live up to those expectations. We see our parents and the community as true partners in this and we really do want to work with you. Just imagine what we can achieve by working together!

I feel deeply privileged to be the Headteacher of this ‘Family School’. Fortunately, we are a small enough school to be able to get to know every child individually and to be able to understand what it is that makes each child ‘tick’. This enables us to ensure that every child’s potential is maximised. Relationships at Ladybridge High School are exceptionally strong and we all enjoy learning together.

Attendance at Ladybridge is above the National Average for all schools in the country. This is because students feel happy, confident and engaged under our care and it is a joy to see how proud they are of their achievements and how thrilled they are when they share them with us all.

Our aim for 2014/2015 is to become an outstanding school ‘across the board’ and we have a very strong platform upon which to build. We were, indeed, delighted to have been judged as Outstanding for Leadership and Management and Good overall in our Ofsted 2013 Inspection. Morale is very high right across this school and we will reach our goals.

Finally, as you can probably see, Ladybridge High School is my passion. I am deeply committed to this school and to making sure that each and every child in our Ladybridge Family leaves us at the end of his or her school life with the very brightest of futures and the very happiest of school memories.

With best wishes,

Hilary D’Arcy















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